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Happy Left Handers Day!!! (Again)


(I am officially still on hiatus as I am away right now on an adventure holiday but had to do this)

This coming tuesday is left-handers day and the 1 year anniversary of this blog. It has been fun and eye-opening.

I originally just wanted an outlet to write and share and learn from others like me worldwide, but in the process, have also learned more about myself and God and way he sees my life rather than how I see it, this blog has required me to become more creative and I am thankful for that oppertunity.

In the next year I plan to do more with the blog such as adding some features to make it fun, I am open to suggestions, you can find my contact details on the about me page.

Thank you all for reading and if you are left-handed (or know someone who is,such as myself) throw a party on tuesday and celebrate how unique God made us, we only make up about 10% of the earths population how unique is that!


Short Hiatus


Sorry I know I haven’t been posting in a while it seems that I have had and will have quite a few events going on over the summer and I think it would be best to go on a short hiatus. Everything should be back to normal late august/early september so I should be back then.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the articles that are already here.

See you and God bless.

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Evidence Of God’s Existence


In several places in the bible we are told that God can be known through observing nature, it’s beauty, it’s order, our very existence but still many people don’t see God, they have other explanations as to why the world is as it is.

When I think of many different scientific facts about the universe I can’t help but think that it must have been designed, such as the one people are always throwing around, that if the earth were 2 inches closer to the sun we would burn and if it were 2 inches further we would freeze, I don’t know how they worked that one out but what are the odds of the earth just falling into such a perfect place.

I know that most people start looking for God after making some type of observation either looking at nature or through science or observing someone’s life, all of them give evidence of God’s existence.

So what observations did you make or are making that are leading you to ask about the existence of a God?


What does it take to be an effective Christian?


Not all of us who claim to be Christians are actually effective, we don’t make much of a difference in the places we find ourselves, be it neighbourhoods, workplaces or schools. Yet for some of us major transformations happen wherever we step. So what is one doing that the other is not and what are the different qualities that these people have so that their results are drastically different.

I am guessing that we all aspire to become the second type of Christian, y’know the one more like Jesus, so these are the qualities I have noticed in Christians who I have met who fit into that category.

Taking God’s word at face value and believing it- These people don’t care what others say if it does not line up with God’s word. They believe everything that God has said, believing with their whole hearts that they can do what he said they can do and he will do what he said he will do and run with it adding works to their faith.(James 2:20)

They breathe out boldness- Going with the quality of believing God’s word, they don’t mind sharing it. They aren’t afraid of what people might think or how they will respond they just confidently do what they need to do.

They take their relationship with God seriously and enjoy it- They really do live a life pleasing to God and this life comes naturally to them because they spend time with God and search for him with all of their heart. They gain more understanding about God because they are obedient to him (even when he tells them to do something that seems odd) and learn to recognise his voice.

These are just a few that I have noticed do you think you have these qualities? Are working on them? Or know anyone else who you admire who is an effective Christian? Any other qualities that I may of missed out?

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Random moments when you see how cool God is


I had one of those moments yesterday; it was one of the most trivial things ever that made me see how creative and intelligent God is to the point where I was tearing up.

I was watching an eyebrow make-up tutorial.

On the tutorial they were demonstrating how to draw eyebrows in proportion to your face.
• To find where your eyebrow starts you line it up with the outside of your nostril and the inside end of your eye (if that makes sense.)
• To find the arch it lines up with the outside of the nostril and the outside end of your iris.
• To find the end it lines up with the outside of your nostril and the outside end of your eye.

Now this might not be news to anyone but for me I only thought your eyes lined up with your eyebrow I didn’t know your nose did too, so no matter how odd you feel your facial features are they all work together. This just made me think about how God has made our faces so perfect for us.

I have read other stories where people experience God at really random times like here and this was mine.

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