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Happy Left Handers Day!!! (Again)


(I am officially still on hiatus as I am away right now on an adventure holiday but had to do this)

This coming tuesday is left-handers day and the 1 year anniversary of this blog. It has been fun and eye-opening.

I originally just wanted an outlet to write and share and learn from others like me worldwide, but in the process, have also learned more about myself and God and way he sees my life rather than how I see it, this blog has required me to become more creative and I am thankful for that oppertunity.

In the next year I plan to do more with the blog such as adding some features to make it fun, I am open to suggestions, you can find my contact details on the about me page.

Thank you all for reading and if you are left-handed (or know someone who is,such as myself) throw a party on tuesday and celebrate how unique God made us, we only make up about 10% of the earths population how unique is that!


Maturing Relationships


I would like to believe that the relationships I have today are mature than they were 10 years ago, when I was younger I would want to get more out of the other person and would like to be affirmed often, but looking at me today I don’t need people to tell me they like me every day, I know they do, and I will look out to give to the other person.

There are people I have met and are close to who I don’t have a deeper relationship with I knew there was a difference between my deeper relationships and the others and tried to put my finger on the difference.

For the maturer relationships I found;

  • I had spent more face to face time with those people in terms of hours
  • I had more ways to contact those people personally (phone numbers, email, social networking)
  • I could trust those people more with my personal items

It takes time to become mature and to have maturer relationships but it is rewarding as does having a mature relationship with God (I have already addressed this in another post) and I am learning that how I interact with my close friends can help me to interact with God. I have also found that those people could trust me and this has opened opportunities to witness.

Now it’s your turn what differences have you noticed in your maturer relationships and others? And how have you used these to have a maturer relationship with God?

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