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Reason for Praise and Worship


Why do we praise God or offer him our worship? What is the need for singing songs or giving him thanks? Well I have asked these questions and I am sure some of you may have too (and some may not have) but here are some of the answers that I have received so I will share them here with you.

• To draw us closer to God
I have heard this one the most, that when we give God worship we enter into his presence so during this time we commune with God and come in line with his heart.

• To give God appreciation
Sometimes we forget to thank God for the things he has done in our lives (well I do anyway) and giving God a thank you is praise or singing or dancing to him shows your appreciation and passion for him.

• To gain strength
There is something about spending time with God (especially in praise and worship) that gives you a new found strength. When you are feeling weak but you decided to praise God he transfers his strength to you sometimes you’ll feel that you walking on cloud 9!

• To let God sort out your problems
I’ve only started to understand this one recently but I have found that when I have problems that I really can’t see a way out of I shouldn’t just pray about and leaving it but I should also start praising God like he has already done it because he has spiritually but it might take some time to see it physically.
A great example of this is in 2 Chronicles 20, when King Jehoshaphat had to lead the army of Israel to battle against the Moabites and Ammonites, they had already prayed and fasted but when going to battle he sent some singers in front to praise God and when they got to the battlefield all of the enemies soldiers were already dead!
Even personally I have had a few difficult situations but after praising God and confronting the problem I think why in the world was I worried about this? The problems were pretty serious but God worked them out without me having to do anything physical about them.

So here are a few reasons to praise and worship God maybe you could verify these or add some more reasons.

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