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Evidence Of God’s Existence


In several places in the bible we are told that God can be known through observing nature, it’s beauty, it’s order, our very existence but still many people don’t see God, they have other explanations as to why the world is as it is.

When I think of many different scientific facts about the universe I can’t help but think that it must have been designed, such as the one people are always throwing around, that if the earth were 2 inches closer to the sun we would burn and if it were 2 inches further we would freeze, I don’t know how they worked that one out but what are the odds of the earth just falling into such a perfect place.

I know that most people start looking for God after making some type of observation either looking at nature or through science or observing someone’s life, all of them give evidence of God’s existence.

So what observations did you make or are making that are leading you to ask about the existence of a God?


Season Your Conversation


Sorry I didn’t post last week, so this week I am posting two posts to make up for that.

Now before I start let’s admit the things that come out of our mouth aren’t always helpful or uplifting or smart, but the bible tells us that life and death are in the tongue (proverbs 18:21). What we say can have a profound effect on people, it can make them feel like they are walking on a cloud or it can feel like a punch in the face.

So when we speak we know what we should be saying but it is a lot more fun and unfortunately natural to gossip, or be inappropriate or just talk about any odd thing when we should be encouraging people, praying for people or just be silent and listen to what others are saying.

Colossians 4:6 tells us our conversations should be seasoned with salt so we know how we should speak to people. Especially when we speak to people who aren’t Christians, what and how we say things tells others what you are really like, (it’s difficult to be on your best behaviour 24/7 at some point what you are really like will come out) if we are talking to people who don’t understand or just want to make fun of what we believe we need to know how to speak to them so they can understand (and not be patronising), so how do we learn to season our conversations so we don’t say things we will regret later;

• Being polite really goes a long way, I know some people we talk to make it very difficult for us to be nice but I have found then when I am polite others tend to be cooperative (I know there are exceptions) and are more willing to listen. I know that if I saw someone getting angry or being impolite or interrupting me whilst I am speaking I wouldn’t want to hold another conversation with them.

• Please think before you speak, Yes I am guilty of it too only to regret it half a second later. Sometimes when we think certain sentences through we find that, that item would not be helpful or appropriate or there is a better way to say it.

• Listen, make sure you do this before you think of your response and don’t spend listening time thinking about what you are going to say next (we all do it) this usually leads us to interrupt the person speaking. Also if we listen we can gain an understanding of what is going on and what this person needs and make sure you understand the situation before you respond repeat what the person said if you have to, to help you understand.

• What would Jesus say; the only way to know this is to spend time with him. When we spend time with God and let him guide us we become more like him in every way even how we conduct conversations. Our conversations should be more meaningful and wholesome that we people will see that we are different.

So any more suggestions for ways we can season our conversations I could do with some more as could everyone else.

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Leading Friends To Christ


For me, personally the hardest people to witness to are those closest to me, I guess because I see them often and they will always remember what I said. It is much easier to witness in the streets because I will never see those people again but I think we are in certain peoples’ lives often for a reason, when that person sees us we will be a constant remainder of God and his gift of life that they just need to accept.
I am all for my life being an example but I do wonder how do I verbally show my friends my faith, without me sounding strange? I guess that can’t happen but there must be times when we can share our faith (appropriate times that is) here are some of my suggestions and I want to hear yours as it will be good for me too.

• In class- fortunately for me, I do theology so there are many opportunities when I am able to share my faith, even in my other lessons conversations arise where I am able to speak

• One on one with a friend- for me I find it easier to talk to my friend when it is just me and them, they may say something that opens the door for me to talk

• In groups- Even though I don’t do too well in this setting there have been rare times when people ask for my opinion and my faith is called into question and I give my opinion (this tends to be the setting that generates the strange looks)

Can you guys think of any more settings which will be good to witness to those close to you? Not just friends, family and acquaintances too.

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